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Rick & Karen Miller  Owners of M&B Auto Repair

Rick & Karen Miller
Owners of M&B Auto Repair

For 30 years, M&B Auto has taken pride in repairing your car/truck right the first time. We know how much vehicles are depended upon to get you through the day-to-day routine, and our business model continues to focus on providing safe, successfully repaired vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. We are also a proud family business built in the heart of Texas where honesty and integrity go a long way – especially in the automotive repair business.

After working together in a Nissan/Mercedes dealership in Temple for 6 years, Rick Miller and Arnold Bragewitz decided to open on January 1, 1985, M&B Auto Repair.  After 5 years of successful growth in their small country shop, they relocated to their current location on 6th Avenue. 5 years later they expanded once again by purchasing an adjacent building to provide the ability to now service commercial and diesel vehicles. Arnold retired at the end of 2012 leaving Rick and his wife Karen as the sole owners.